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Liteville aus Germany!

Im Langzeittest entdeckten die Enduro-Spezialisten des legendären decline-Magazins im Liteville 601 die Gene von gleich zwei Bikespezies, die im Mutterland des MTB als ursprünglich unvereinbar galten. Originalzitat:

Zee Germans nailed it with the 601 Mk2. This 190mm travel bike can still pedal. Even with a head angle that can be as slack as 64.5 degrees. The aluminum frame is stout, yet doesn’t weigh a ton and is plenty stiff. The four-bar linkage design surprised us because we didn’t expect to be able to pedal such a long travel bike up climbs the way we did aboard the 601. However, the super sensitive suspension worked great on the descents and had us plowing over anything we could find.

Liteville also offers a ten-year warranty, which is pretty impressive considering the bike’s intended use. Word from Liteville is that a new generation 601 (Mk3) is on the way with even better performance guaranteed